I am a Graduate Research Assistant in Computer Science at the University of Michigan working with Kevin Fu. I am interested in attacking systems below the common abstractions at the often forgotten physical layer and defending systems against such attacks.

Research Experience

Graduate Research Assistant

2016 - Present
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

I am a graduate research assistant in security working with Kevin Fu. We develop physical layer attacks against computers and defenses against those attacks. I am currently (as of September 2017) working on two papers to submit to Oakland S&P.

Undergraduate Research Assistant

2015 - 2016
Clemson University, Clemson

At Clemson I primarily worked on ultra low power sensing network research with my undergraduate research advisor Jacob Sorber and then PhD student, now assistant professor Josiah Hester. There we produced one paper which can be found here .

Research Projects

Here are projects that I have been a part of. Hopefully this should keep increasing...

Blue Note - How intentional acoustic interference damages availability and integrity in hard disk drives and operating systems.
Shoulder Angel - Using a co-processor to monitor for errors and reprogram errant ultra low power wireless sensor nodes.

Cool Papers

Here are some cool papers related to my research. You should check them out!

Ghost Talk - Spoofing signals in pacemakers and microphones using EMI.
WALNUT - Using acoustic waves to spoof accelerometer signals.
Rocking Drones - Bringing down drones using acoustic waves alone.
Dolphin Attack - Using ultrasonic tones to spoof voice recognition.
Current Events - Identifying webpages by tapping the electrical outlet.
WattsUpDoc - Power side channels to nonintrusively discover untarged malware on embedded medical devices.
Can You Trust Autonomous Vehicles - Contactless Attacks against Sensors of Self-driving Vehicles.